The Co-Composer, Arranger & Music Director

Bill Jr. was raised in a large musical family. His father was an accomplished, multi-talented musician, and his mother was a professional vocalist. As a child, he and his five sisters sang with his father’s big band and made commercial recordings of children’s songs. He also acted in a couple cereal commercials that aired on national television.

In his teen years, Bill took up the French horn and has had a long professional playing career in the U.S. Continental Army Band and Virginia Symphony Orchestra. In more recent years, Bill has been arranging and composing music, skills he largely learned from his father. Today Bill continues to play the horn, write music and run Musicians Publications.

After his father’s death, Bill completed the music for Misbehaving Clocks. He added the variations on the English folk song, “Dance to Your Daddy, Sing to Your Mammy” which accompanies the Piccadilly Circus pages of the book. This musical interlude celebrates his father and mother’s love for making music and entertaining audiences. Bill also composed the reprise that follows the last line of the story and repeats some of the earlier musical themes. Additionally, he arranged the music for chamber orchestra and directed the record date and video production of the digital slideshow.

Bill enjoys spending time with his family and his comical “quartet” of dachshunds.

To learn more about Bill and how to purchase the chamber orchestra sheet music and digital slideshow for live performances of Misbehaving Clocks, go to

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