Misbehaving Clocks

a tick-tocking, bee-bopping, show-stopping picture book with music

Read, Sing, Dance and Go a Little Cuckoo!

By Bee Waterhouse – Illustrated by Jason Kolano
Music by Bill Holcombe and Bill Holcombe, Jr.

Misbehaving Clocks - A Picture Book with Music

Then minute hands fly
And pendulums swing, too.
Oh me, oh me, oh my,
Who’ll stop this hullabaloo?

Time doesn’t stand still inside a London clock shop when Master Phineas closes its doors for the day.

Join the antics of the misbehaving clocks as they wind up at Piccadilly Circus for a night of musical merriment.

With its rhyming verse and vibrant illustrations full of visual puns and spoofs, Misbehaving Clocks will delight readers of all ages.

To enjoy listening to the story and music, click on the free audio download button below.

The music includes variations on Big Ben’s “Westminster Chimes,” “Hickory Dickory Dock,” “London Bridge,” “Le CouCou” and many more melodies.

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