The Author & Creative Director

Bee Waterhouse

Bee Waterhouse learned at an early age that there can be a fine line between being creative and going cuckoo. Because her parents were accomplished professional musicians, the home she grew up in was a Grand Central Station for eccentric, artist types. Their grand Victorian home especially came to life after dark when musicians, actors and dancers rehearsed into the wee hours, shaking the old timbers to the foundation.

These days reading and writing are what keep Bee up at night. She holds a teaching degree in English and a master’s in the humanities. For many years she enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom. During those years she volunteered hundreds of hours as a Junior Great Books discussion leader. That experience contributed to her appreciation of children’s literature and her passion for helping children to think critically and creatively. When Bee’s “hive” emptied, she started writing stories for children.

The music for Misbehaving Clocks was composed by Bee’s father, the late Bill Holcombe, and her brother, Bill Jr. She has collaborated with them on a few other projects with music and words, although Misbehaving Clocks is her first published book. Bee Waterhouse is her pen name, which she promises is much easier to spell and pronounce than her actual name.

Bee lives with her husband near Boulder, Colorado. They have three daughters and four grandsons who occasionally go a little cuckoo.

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