Reader’s Guide

This Readers’ Guide suggests ideas that can be used to enrich young readers’ experiences of this story and the accompanying music. The story touches on several disciplines, including math, social studies, music, art and literature. Therefore, the story can be approached from different angles. It can be used as a fun way to introduce children to telling time, for instance. It can be woven into a social studies lesson about London, England, and the British language and culture. (Tea anyone?) The story stimulates critical thinking that can lead to interesting discussions about topics such as what does it mean to misbehave and what is the value of imagination. The story also exposes readers to colorful vocabulary and expressions, and it affords the sophisticated reader an opportunity to search for puns and spoofs. Additionally, it highlights certain familiar nursery rhymes and encourages music appreciation and gives children a reason to sing, dance and go a little cuckoo (in the most delightful way)!

Of course, Misbehaving Clocks can be read for pure entertainment. Children love to pore over the detailed illustrations and find new things in the pictures.


Ahead of Time – Pre-reading Questions and Activities

There’s a Chime & Place – Pre-reading Social Studies Discussion

What’s in a Picture? – Questions about Illustrations

It’s About Time! – Telling Time in the Story

A Word at the Right Time – Story Vocabulary with Questions

Time to Talk – Discussion Questions

Face Time – Creative & Interactive Activities

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Ahead of Time
Pre-reading Questions and Activities